3D Retirement Income


Creating a Retirement Income that Out-Lives You, Out-Paces Inflation, and Out-Performs Others

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Turn your Nest Egg into an Income to Retire Successfully and Stay Successfully Retired!

Common retirement strategies don’t work!

Learn why Bonds, Annuities, and Pensions FAIL at creating a successful retirement. 

You need a retirement strategy that will help you survive and thrive in retirement. Freeman Linde, Certified Financial Planner™ and retirement planning specialist, unpacks why traditional strategies won’t overcome life’s largest obstacles:

  • The doubling or tripling cost of everything you need and want to buy
  • Becoming a burden to others by living too long and running out of money
  • Stock Market crashes that can cut your nest egg in half

Annuities don’t work. You need 3D Retirement Income. Your retirement strategy must have three dimensions:

  • Direction: Income that Rises Faster than the Cost of Living
  • Duration: Income that Lasts Longer than You and Yours
  • Diversion: Income that Flexes Better than the Stock Market

You’ll learn how to create 3D Retirement Income out of your nest egg and leave a legacy of blessing, not burden, to your cherished children and charities.  Plus, you’ll learn:

  • The Four Horsemen – The behavioral mistakes that are destroying our investments.
  • The Seven Pillars – The principals required to defeat the horsemen and attain success.
  • The Fiduciary Advisor – The questions to ask and qualities to look for in finding the right advisor. 

Written in plain English and without jargon, this book will give you the principles and mindset needed to retire successfully and stay successfully retired.

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