Financial Planning: Visualized

Creating your own financial plan? Use RightCapital to see all your finances and plan for a better future, including:

Monitor and track Net Worth and Cash Flow.

View and plan Investments and allocations.

Plan Retirement scenarios, including Social Security.

See Lifetime Taxes and plan to pay less.

Net Worth and Cash Flow

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

*Privacy Note

RightCapital is used by Financial Planners at LaxFP for planning with their clients. If you are not a client of LaxFP, you may use our subscription to conduct your own financial planning. Note that any data entered into RightCapital (except transactions) will be viewable by LaxFP planners and staff. If you would prefer us not to view your financials, send us an email at with “RightCapital Privacy Mode” in the subject line. We will leave your profile alone and not view it. (Note: We cannot disable our viewing of your data. We can only refuse to look at it.) If this makes you uncomfortable, know that any data you put into any other financial software is view able by people and algorithms that are using it. At least this way you know exactly who has access to it. And we promise to respect your wishes with it.