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Under Age Fifty?

Your Guide in a Changing World

The La Crosse Financial Planning Difference

A Trusted Financial Advisor.

Independent Fiduciary

LaxFP is not owned by or affiliated with any insurance company, bank, or broker-dealer. We create plans and give advice in your best interest, with no sales quotas or commissions. The way it should be.

Certified Expertise

The Certified Financial Planner™ designation is the Gold Standard for comprehensive financial planning. We also have an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, making him the only local CFP® who can also give tax advice.
A Niche Financial Advisor.

Focused on 50+

We work specifically with people over age 50. All our time is spent serving this unique set of needs. Comprehensive retirement planning is what we do. With 30+ years ahead as planners, we are the last advisors you’ll ever need.
Fee-Only Advisor

Commission Free

We never earn commissions or sell products. We are NAPFA Registered Advisors, the highest standard for fee-only fiduciary work, and a member of the Fee-Only Network. Our transparent fees make it easy to know what you’re paying.

Financial Planning Can Change Your Life

Without Planning You May…

Without a Financial Advisor, you may pay too much in taxes.

Get Hammered in Taxes

Tax preparation only looks backward at how to reduce taxes from last year. Without tax planning, you could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over your retirement.

With Planning You Could…

Save taxes!

Save in Lifetime Taxes

Keep more of your money by planning how to reduce taxes not just this year, but over your lifetime. We’ll pay every dime in taxes we owe, but let’s not leave a tip.
Without a Financial Advisor, you might loose money in the market!

Lose Money in the Market

Everything changes when you start taking money OUT of retirement accounts instead of putting it IN. Without a plan, a temporary decline may become a permanent loss.
Be prepared!

Proactively Prepare

You only lose money when you sell low. By having a plan in place for when not if downturns occur, you can avoid permanent losses and preserve your money.
Without a Financial Advisor, you could run out of money!

Run Out of Income

Will your retirement income survive 2-3 DECADES of rising costs? Without planning, your income may not keep up when the cost of everything you want and need to buy doubles or triples.
Make sure your money outlive you, not the other way around!

Create Lasting Income

With a Plan for 3D Retirement Income, your income will last longer than you, rise faster that the cost of living, and flex with your variable expenses.

How Do We Start?

A comfortable setting.

Discovery Meeting

We’ll meet to discuss your situation, your goals, and what you hope to accomplish. You can ask us questions and decide whether you could see working with us. Bring as much or as little information as you want to this first meeting.
We'll do the analysis.

Evaluate Data

Before you hire us, you’ll want to know if we can improve your situation. If the Discovery Meeting was comfortable for you, we’ll gather your data (statements, tax returns, etc.). We’ll sift through it so we know exactly what we’ll be able to do for you.
We have the heart of a teacher.

Strategy Session

We’ll meet again, still with no cost or obligation, and we will share some strategies that will improve your specific situation, even if you don’t work with us. We’ll also quote you a fee, and you’ll leave knowing what you will get and what it will cost by working with us.
Make a good decision.

Sleep On It

Rushed decisions are bad decisions. If you are trusting us with your retirement, we want you to be confident in it. We insist that you sleep on it before deciding to hire us. Then you can let us know if you’d like to move forward and get the rest of your plan.

What do We Get?

Finally understand your finances.


Over 2-3 meetings, we’ll teach you, in plain English, about what you have and strategies to make it better. Even clients with limited prior financial knowledge will finally understand and be confident in their retirement.
See the long-term effects!

Interactive Forecast

Using eMoney, we’ll show you where you might be before and after we make changes to the strategy. Seeing the long-term impacts of today’s actions will help us to make better decisions and successfully retire.
A straight-forward plan.

1-Page Plan

We’ll deliver a 1-page action plan summarizing everything we need to do. No 120-page binder of boring charts and graphs. Just simple statements to help you reduce taxes, invest wisely, and retire secure.
Get it done!

Help Getting it Done

With a plan in hand, you may also choose to engage us to help you get it all done. From managing investments to preparing taxes, to even completing estate documents, we’ll help you go from “should” to “did.”

Not Sure if You Need Planning?

New Book Available Now!


Creating a Retirement Income that Outpaces Inflation, Outlives You, and Outperforms Others

3D Retirement Income will teach you how to turn your Nest Egg into an income to Retire Successfully and Stay Successfully Retired.

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XY Financial Planning, a division of La Crosse Financial Planning, is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Planning Firm enabling Dual Income Families to Win with Money and Enjoy Life. Under age 50 and a dual income family?