Financial Services

We are a Full-Service Financial Firm. Everything you need for your personal finances, we can do.

We offer the following services:

Financial Planning – The Core of our Business

We believe that All Success comes from Creating and Continuously Acting on a PLAN rather than Procrastinating and Repeatedly Reacting to Life.

We plan for all areas of personal finance. We charge a fee for our planning services.

Investment Advisory – Funding the Plan Efficiently

Investing drives the plan forward. Without an investing plan, investors are more likely to make critical mistakes or miss out on lifetime investment returns. In addition to creating an investing plan as part of the financial plan, we offer investment management for all account types.

We work on a fee-for-service model, meaning we don’t earn any commissions. We paid the same on all investments, eliminating the favoring of one strategy over another and focusing the the plan around you. We charge the investment advisory fee on a quarterly basis. At any point, if our service, guidance, and advice aren’t worth more than that fee, we will refund the last quarter’s fee and help you move the accounts anywhere you want to go. In other words, we will continually earn your business.

Tax Preparation – Coordinating the Past & Future

Tax Planning (part of the financial plan) is looking forward and minimizing lifetime taxes. Tax Preparation is looking backward at what happened last year and claiming all possible deductions and credits.

Consolidate all your finances under one roof by having us complete your tax returns as well. As an Enrolled Agent, we have advanced training in tax preparation and ongoing education to ensure we stay at the top of our game. We can better coordinate your future tax planning with your current tax picture by doing both.

While tax-only firms must charge enough between February and April 15th to pay overhead for a whole year, our overhead is already covered by other round-the-year business, making our value-vs-cost very high. Note: we only prepare taxes for our Financial Planning and/or Investment Advisory clients. Typical cost ranges from $200-$400, depending on the complexity.

Estate Documents – Putting Your Planning into Writing

Our Estate Planning process will educate you and show you all the ways to ensure your assets go to your children and charities. You’ll avoid the delays and costs of probate, and avoid family fights and burdens. But you’ll still need to put your plan into writing to make it legal. Traditionally your options have been:

  • Hire an Attorney
    • Cost: $600-$10,000 for basic estate documents, depending on area and complexity.
    • Pros: Include Legal Advice.
    • Cons: Very Expensive. Often no follow-up.
  • Online Document Prep
    • Cost: $100-$600 for boilerplate documents..
    • Pros: Inexpensive.
    • Cons: Little guidance or education. Wondering if you did it right.

The cost of having an attorney do it is prohibitive for many people. But often they don’t like the idea of generic online documents either. We have connected with an estate planning firm to provide a third option, or Estate Documents service. With us providing the planning and education and gathering the information, they write the legal documents at a reduced fee and we can pass on the savings. The result is a process and end documents you can trust for all your essential estate planning needs.

  • LaxFP Estate Documents
    • Cost: $500-$1,500, depending on the documents needed.
    • Pros: Guidance, education, follow-through, accountability, and documents you can trust.
    • Cons: No legal advice is given or included.

Insurance Advice – Protect Everything You’ve Planned

After you’ve built it, protect it! We understand the intricacies, importance, and shortcomings of insurance. We give advice and recommendations on insurance, but we don’t offer it.

As fee-only financial planners, we never earn a commission. Ever. If we recommend insurance through the planning process it’s because you need it, not because we get paid extra for it.

We have vetted a few insurance brokerage firms and can recommend the best value for your situation.

How are you doing in all these areas?