We are ready to complete your rollover.

Easy 2-Step Process:

1. Schedule the Call

Schedule the call when you have a 30-Minute window that you could take the call. It will likely only take you 10 minutes.

2. Take the Call

We will call the company at the scheduled time. When we have a Live Person, we will call you. Take the call; it’ll take 10 minutes.

What to Expect on the Call

We’ll do the Waiting

We’ll navigate the phone menu and the hold times until we have a live person. Then we will call you. It may be 2 minutes or 22 minutes.

Verify & Confirm

They’ll ask you questions to verify it’s you, and then ask your permission to talk to us. They’ll also ask about the Special Tax Notice (see below).

We’ll Request It

After Verification, we will request the rollover and provide the information needed to complete it.


They may ask if you’ve “Received the Special Tax Notice.” This is your options regarding rollovers. It is below, so you have received it. Answer “Yes” to this question, or they will need to mail it to you and wait 30 days.

What’s Next?

401(k) to Check

The 401(k) Company will cash out your funds and write a check to “Schwab FBO [You]”. FBO means “For Benefit Of”. No need to sign the check.

Direct to Schwab

Sometimes the Company can send the check directly to Schwab. If we can do that, we will. We’ll invest it when it arrives.

Mailed to You

Often they must mail the check to you. In this case, we will provide a pre-addressed & stamped envelope for you to forward the check on to Schwab.

That’s it! Easy!